About Us

Jadora designs  offers a line of beautifully handmade fashionable women's and children accessories including hair accessories, brooches, necklaces, shoe clips,  and totes for women and children (and even a matching set for their doll!) for everyday styles to formal occasions.  Each unique piece is an artistic, handmade creation that is a one of a kind design.  Created with great attention to detail, each design is elegant, chic and fashionable.  Jadora Designs accessories are great for dressing up an outfit and can be attached to a scarf, purse, as a brooch, or in the hair.  Jadora accessories can also be custom made to complete any women's outfit.  

Jadora design pieces are handcrafted with quality fabrics and materials, such as silk, chiffon, organza, swarovski crystals, pearls, rhinestones and repurposed jewellery pieces